Slater Builders’ experience in design/build has significantly grown in the last five years due to our long-standing project management experience in this delivery method. Examples of projects completed include an $8 million dollar project for Mount St. Mary’s College including a residence hall and 150 car parking structure, numerous projects for the Shea Foundation and the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese, as well as a 75,000 square foot warehouse design/build renovation in Costa Mesa, California for ABC Bus Sales. In 2010, we completed $2 million dollars of design/build projects for UCI.

As the design/build contractor, Slater Builders’ responsibilities include coordinating and managing the architects, subcontractors, engineers, and consultants regarding the production of their plan drawings. We also work closely with the owner to achieve the desired scope and appropriate budget.

In the last six years, Slater Builders strategically positioned itself as a highly competent design/build entity. Slater Builders has completed over $25 million dollars of design/build work within the last five years. Design/build is not for the unprepared. However, Slater Builders has trained professionals in the design/build delivery system and are well versed on how to educate the vested partners and deliver a project in the integrated project model. We believe design/build gives the innovative and informed owner the best tools to execute a project and save money. Please contact us for more information on the benefit of the design/build delivery method.