Mount St Mary’s Doheny

Located in the Adams Park Historical zone, the residence hall is house-scaled with 12,000 square feet, housing 47 beds and residential life offices.  The third floor rooms are tucked under the sloping roof in the same manner as the neighboring houses.  Students may relax in the lounge, kitchenette, upstairs covered patio, or in a variety of nooks throughout the building where they can work on their wireless-networked laptop computers.

The parking structure is located at the opposite end of the campus where it faces the adjoining residential neighborhood of historic houses.  It is covered with decorative screens and landscaping to unobtrusively blend into the surroundings.  A garden path with sculptures links the parking structure to the campus.


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Client: Mount St. Mary’s College TC Collins & Associates

Completion Date: August 2007

Size: 12,000 SF Residence Hall - 155 Car Parking Structure

Project Manager: Gene Wilson, DBIA