Values Statement

Slater Builders Inc. is a company that is committed to the tradition of honesty, reliability and integrity. These are vital elements in earning the respect and trust of our valued clients and associates. Our history of teamwork and responsiveness and a vast wealth of industry knowledge make Slater Builders Inc. your partner in building the future together.

We can be counted on to do what we say and follow through with our commitment.

We consistently do what is ethically right because integrity only counts if it costs.

We show up, we follow through, and we add value through our actions. People do not care what we know until they know we care.

Through our unique knowledge, experience and commitment, we find ways to solve problems in a manner that our competition cannot duplicate.

We have a sense of urgency for following through and are action oriented in solving problems.

Our ethical behavior is above reproach. We become whatever we are committed to.

We strive to put the project or issue first, not the individual.